List of 27 States suing Obamacare

The Heritage Foundation has compiled a list of States suing the Federal government over Obamacare and challenging its constitutionality.  The total comes to 27, over half the States in the Union.  Why is this? Because Obamacare massively expands Medicaid coverage for American citizens. Of the 34 million people who will receive health care insurance from Obamacare 18 million will do so through Medicaid, a social healthcare program provided for by Federal and State governments.  On the surface this doesn’t sound like such a bad thing.  Obama has pledged that this act will not add a penny to our National debt, and it won’t (for the next three years at least).  However, though these Medicaid expansions are budgeted for by the Federal government and paid for by reforms in Medicare (Not to be confused with Medicaid, Medicare is a social insurance program for citizens over the age of 65) they are only included in the budget for the first three years.  After that the Federal government will still pay 90% of the insurance costs but all of the administrative costs of this program fall solely on the States.  This amounts to billions in unfunded State mandates that the government is forcing on the State governments. Its not surprising that over half the States have objected to this bill and its willful disregard for State’s rights and their budgetary prerogatives.

This is not saying that all of Obamacare is bad and its insurance coverage for 34 million people is laudable by any standard.  However, this nation was set up as a Federal system between the National government and the State governments. Yes the National government is supreme but this looks an awful lot like an abuse of the relationship to me.

Last March, Virginia and Florida (joined by 12 other states) filed suit against Obamacare, challenging its constitutionality. Since that time, many other states have joined in, recognizing the threat posed by the legislation to both the Constitution and their own state budgets. As we reported on Friday,more than half of all states are now suing over Obamacare.

In Friday’s post, several commenters asked for a complete list of the states involved with the various lawsuits, which we have compiled below. The following list contains all 27 states that have started or joined in a lawsuit against Obamacare. Those highlighted gray are in the process of joining a suit or, in the case of Oklahoma, preparing to sue on their own.


State Lawsuit Joined Date Joined
Virginia Virginia March 23, 2010
Florida Florida March 23, 2010
South Carolina Florida March 23, 2010
Nebraska Florida March 23, 2010
Texas Florida March 23, 2010
Utah Florida March 23, 2010
Louisiana Florida March 23, 2010
Alabama Florida March 23, 2010
Michigan Florida March 23, 2010
Colorado Florida March 23, 2010
Pennsylvania Florida March 23, 2010
Washington Florida March 23, 2010
Idaho Florida March 23, 2010
South Dakota Florida March 23, 2010
North Dakota Florida April 5, 2010
Arizona Florida April 6, 2010
Georgia Florida April 13, 2010
Alaska Florida April 20, 2010
Nevada Florida May 14, 2010
Indiana Florida May 14, 2010
Mississippi Florida May 14, 2010
Wisconsin Florida January 3, 2011
Oklahoma Oklahoma January 7, 2011
Wyoming Florida January 7, 2011
Ohio Florida January 11, 2011
Kansas Florida January 12, 2011
Maine Florida January 12, 2011

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